I watch for the Bufflehead (B) to resurface

while I kick a rock in frustration over the Clinton/Sanders debate’s bloviations.

The B stay under for up to 25 seconds.

Its diving tactic COULD provide me a metaphor during debates:

Compress plumage to squeeze out air,

give a slight forward leap & plunge down with zest,

holding wings tight to body & propel with just feet.

Then POP like a cork to the surface

while I watch.




10 thoughts on “Tiny but powerful, wow, those Buffleheads know how to stay under. I need to learn how they do it if I’m going to keep watching such as the MSNBC Democratic Debate. Questions, Insults And Gaffes From Sanders & Clinton

    1. Hi Morgan,
      I bet your writer self was saying, hmmmm. What DOES this mean. (On hearing it read aloud I thought, in addition to realizing it was clearer in my mind than on paper, I thought oh well, I don’t get all of Robert Frost’s stuff either. )


    1. Hi Sayra!
      When Jack read this aloud to me–he now gets WWWW delivered to his in box and seems to delight in reading our stuff–I said, before he had a chance to ask for elucidation, but I could see that eyebrow going up, “I did get it when I wrote it.” But I think I was trying to say that I was going to need efficient strategies for lasting, not underwater like the Buffleheads, but lasting during the long back and forths on definitions rather than substantive issues, although Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton (I’m trying to use their labels so as to give them the respect they sure deserve, unlike the Other Side) have been pretty good at sticking to what’s important. BTW I laughed outloud when bloviate came to mind. Really , Sayra, I cannot use that word without conjuring up the image of that summer we read Dilliard’s book. Wonderful.
      Good to have a close reader. 🙂

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