Mysterious features have proof somewhere of their existence.

So astronomers expected a Planet 9

because the solar system’s 6 most distant objects

orbiting exclusively beyond Neptune

tilt away from the plane of our SS

ONLY if a planet w/ 10X the mass of earth

is in a “distant eccentric orbit anti-aligned” w/ them.*

The MI Doc followed a similar line of deduction

when she detected lead. Not so w/ the State.** Mysterious.


  • *Earth/Sky is a magnificent source of information on the cosmos and the world:
  • **Congress, as we speak, tries STILL to gut the clean Water Act. Do they not know about Flint and its struggles? (

4 thoughts on “Planet # 9, Michigan, and our anti-clean water Congress: what they have in common or what we could learn from the astronomers and the good doctor (a 420 character 9-liner)

  1. Great post; however, as an astronomer, I suspect the good MI doctor was more astute and logical in her discovery of lead than the astronomers were in purporting the nonsense they claim establishes a new, as yet to be observed, 9th “planet” to our solar system (and it really *is* nonsense). Sadly, everyone is looking for acclaim these days (or more like continued justification for their tenure and grant applications), like this other gem from the astronomical community that “an alien megastructure – aka Dyson Sphere – is the cause for the observed irregularities in the star KIC-8462852”; see my article here about that: “Science Fact or Science Fiction, The Curious Case of KIC-8462852”: As an astronomer, I can say that these two stories alone bring much scandal and ridicule to the field. And yes, Mich. Gov. Snyder should be impeached and arrested as Michael Moore suggests and advocates for.

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    1. Thank you for the perspective on the new 9th. I’m learning that that New Planet stories have been circulating since, well, not forever, but all the way back to Ceres’s discovery in 1801!! I get what you’re saying here. I don’t know of the Dyson Sphere controversy, but is there a bright side to all this , even if the claims of Batygin and Brown don’t hold up? (BTW I’ve just put two and two together on another topic: This Brown is the selfsame Brown of “I killed Pluto?”) I read Corey Powell’s Discover Magazine piece where he posits that this controversy shows the difference between seeing and believing (I’ve tucked that one away for another 420) and that the increasing frequency of claims like this show that the hitherto Dark solar system is coming into view. For sure your comment has got me wanting to enlighten myself. I love it. Many thanks again.

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      1. Most welcome, Patty. Yes, as you say, the controversy over (what used to be called) Planet-X still rages with the discovery of Ceres in 1801 predating Pluto’s discovery by 129 years! It still rages because, the orbits of the known outer planets still don’t behave quite as they should. Neptune’s position was calculated by LeVerrier, a French mathematician, and subsequently observed within 1 degree of its predicted position in Sept 1846 by John Galle at the Berlin Observatory. In all the fanfare surrounding this (and there was much), that Uranus’ orbit and *now* Neptune’s wasn’t still quite right was eclipsed by the celebrations (the British would have discovered it if it weren’t for the hubris of the Astronomer Royal, George Airy (something that is actually memorialized on his tombstone). The antipathy between the French and the British is legendary and this was very much in play with this discovery. Anyway, to this day, this is most likely what’s driving the search.


      2. Regarding the Dyson Sphere and the star KIC-8462852, this star exhibits significant and, to date, inexplicable variations in its output. Some have attributed these fluctuations to an advanced alien civilization that has constructed and deployed a partial “Dyson Sphere”, a huge “megastructure” partially surrounding their star. A “Dyson Sphere”, named in honor of physicist Freeman Dyson who ffirst postulated it, would collect the star’s light and convert it to electrical power. Imagine an enormous solar-panel array surrounding our sun beyond the earth’s orbit and you have a good idea of Dyson’s proposition. I describe why this is quite the fanciful notion in my piece: “Science Fact or Fiction, The Peculiar Case of KIC-8462852”. That these are serious propositions where applications for telescope time are made and granted is quite troublesome and bespeaks od a deeper problem than just some loony using a world-class telescope (you have to apply for telescope time at least 6 months in advance and it has to be approved). That it was proposed is one thing but to have it approved is quite another!


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