Inspiration for my ancestors

as they pondered how to give stones a cutting edge

came from these very same 5 planets in the predawn skies.

(So, yes, this is a #TBT & a 420 character–

count them, spaces & punctuation–9-liner.)

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn,

in their exact outward order from the sun,

shine with a steady-not-twinkling light & signal

“Earthling? We’re close!” giving me perspective & inspiration.


11 thoughts on “#TBT AND a 420-character 9-liner on our (Earth’s) closest companions strutting the pre-dawn sky

  1. Hi, Patty. Please give me a sign in the heavens, or right here on earth, that you are receiving my replies. I think of my ancestors often, especially the ones that immigrated here, how hard it was for them, and for the freedom it gave me. Morgan

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    1. I’ll pay better attention to replies, Morgan. You’re coming through loud and clear, (just like the 9th planet they think might be out there. I WISH I had a really good backyard telescope so that I could join the citizen scientists you are buzzing about joining the can we find it effort.) But these five planets that grace us with their relatively CLOSE and more regular orbits? What a sight.


      1. You’re welcome, Patty. There’s a huge controversy raging in astronomy and in greater academia over accusations of misconduct by some and how the various institutions are addressing it (U Cal, Berkeley, for one – Dr. Geoff Marcy was viciously maligned and had to step down; he was in line for a Nobel Prize for his work on, guess what: Exo Planets!) . In my articles, I come down on the side or caution with an eye towards Due Process.


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