Redheaded Ducks; Fancy Clothes and Hedge Funds. (A 420 word 9-line poem)

Fancy clothes are not for me.

After 40 work years I wear colors to tramp the woods,

roadsides, & coastlines; grow ideas; do yoga;

babysit grandkids; & perform 4-part cello gigs.

But these ducks!

Gleaming cinnamon heads & contrasting black/gray bodies.

Mayhap they’re avian hedge-fund guys diving for gold where value’s been shed,

“shorting” w/ those black-tip, blue-gray bills.

Redheads at work in their fancy clothes.





CIMG2891 - Version 2
vehicular eye candy @tgiarnese


WPresser and photographer Jen Hooks says let’s do vibrant, wash the web with a rainbow of colors to keep the winter gloom at bay.  This vibrant little beauty is mood therapy.  So is its statement ~ it’s not a car, it’s a way of life. 

A lava-hot life, #WDYT?

Toni 1/29/16 

Did Someone Say #TBT?

Last year I wrote a post, Is That A Bird On Your Head?, about the heyday of the feather trade.


Ah, those feathers. Women feel so beautiful under wafts of dazzling plumage.

Personally, I think feathers look better on birds than haute couture. So did Frank Chapman who became the savior of pelicans.


Awkward and gangly on land, pelicans soar with unmatched grace.

The charm of every waterway is increased by the quiet dignity of their presence.

Chapman was joined by Paul Kroegel who served as a warden of Pelican Island, an unobtrusive little patch of earth huddled under mangroves and shrubby trees.


About The Refuge with Credit Indian River By AirThe island is a natural wonder, a rookery just north of me where pelicans return year after year.

Gallery Landscape Teddys

Both men lobbied lawmakers to stop the plume hunters.  Eventually, Teddy Roosevelt ~ loose cannon, Rough Rider, bird lover ~ signed an executive order declaring Pelican Island a federal bird reservation.

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Pelican Island and its surrounding 5400 acres of protected waters and lands are known as the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.

History Page Kroegel

Paul Kroegel is a hero of the wild. The National Wildlife Refuge was born on this tiny island of the Treasure Coast.  It may be just a scrap of mangrove and guano-covered sand, but it’s a wonderment.

Gallery Landscape Rainbow

What’s found at the end of this rainbow is worth more than any pot of gold.

Toni 1/28/16