There’s a shiny new year ahead.



Here it comes, New Year’s Eve.  Really, is there a more happy-go-larky holiday than that?   (Well, maybe. St Patrick’s Day, amirite?)

My New Year’s resolution for 2016? I will be less laz.

— Jim Gaffigan

Setting New Year’s resolutions is believed to go as far back as Babylonian times. It’s said that Julius Caesar started the tradition of making resolutions on January 1st as a way to honor the Roman mythical god Janus, whose two faces allowed him to look back into the past year and forward to the new one.

Hmm, think back to your resolutions from last January. Did you follow through? Do you even remember what they were?  Right.  Neither do I.

So, why make more resolutions this year?


The ‘I will be more organized’ resolution. Look familiar?

Resolutions, so not for me.  (Ben Huberman, you really get it.) enormoussmallness2

I’m throwing out the rule book this year. I’m setting a goal to set no goals. I’m going to welcome 2016 with a positive mindset about how great it’s going to be. Zero pressure to do anything other than to be present, open-minded to positive change, kind and compassionate to others.

I see no point in setting the same resolutions I’ve been setting for years on end. Remember what Albert Einstein said ~

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Why perpetuate feelings of failure and inadequacy, that’s so totally negative.

Instead, if it feeds your soul, do it. If it makes you want to get out of bed in the morning with a smile, carry on.  Make some rememberlutions!

Look ahead, there are good things planned for us.

And be grateful for the victories.  Celebrate them, great and small.

Happy New Year, everyone.



Toni 12/31/15