Corgi owners and their dogs are super social and ever so personable. They’re out and about every afternoon, gettin’ frappy and derpy (that’s Corgi lingo for having fun).

Brilliant and genteel with energy and ego to match. And personality, well, there’s a lot of that.

Head high, hightailing it to keep up ~ and ahead ~ of everyone, they are pretty self-assured. They may be low to the ground, but they stand tall.

Maybe they think they’re royalty.


It’s my neighborhood CorgiCon!

Three generations of couture cuteness.







Toni 12/20/15


I love Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers: Music for laughing and dancing around; let’s face it: some days are just bluer when that one person you love the most in the world isn’t around.

And while I’m wallowing in this song and how it reminds me of Junior Teen Town at the Salem Y on Friday nights and dancing cheek to cheek and wondering if my slip (slip? slip!! who wears a slip nowadays!!) shows, here are a few more renditions…