Carolina Wren 1c ACK_3641

Feral cats thread my raised beds,

seed-head heavy w/ uncut foliage, & pounce on the feeding birds.

I wince. I too am guilty of such

when my crunchy peanut butter*-loaded mouse trap in the open garage

beheaded Mrs. Carolina Wren when she ventured in.

Last supper as it were.

All winter and spring Mr. CW called for her. It was awful.

Finally he found another and they moved across the road

where the people are less feral.


*I hope her last thought was “wow, I’m going to get 1/3 of my daily metabolic needs from this crunchy peanut butter.”


4 thoughts on “The fuss about the entraping-snaring media and FBI comes to mind when I spy mice and I bewail The Unfortunate Incident of the Murdered Carolina Wren (a 420 character 9-liner)

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