Too boring*

is why the Cruz super PAC created a 60-second ad

(CT Congressman Chris Murphy says it makes him sick).

The ad cites the dead bodies of 20 First Graders

slaughtered by a killer triggering a military style gun with 30-round ammo clips

as a reason to HAVE guns in the wake of Sandy Hook

& why Cruz shut down Pres. Obama’s gun control efforts.

Sick. It’s the footage on Cruz’s rifle-butt bacon that’s

too boring.


*meaning Cruz’s other political clips weren’t exciting enough, so that’s why they had to take advantage of a tragedy. Although I’m getting NRA stuff now that’s telling me that Sandy Hook didn’t happen. What?!!

This is what Chris Murphy said (according to the Hartford Courant):

“If Ted Cruz wants to brandish his pro-gun credentials to Republican primary voters, that’s his right. But it’s sick that he thinks he’ll win votes by specifically pointing out that in the wake of 20 dead first-graders, he was the face of the fight to ensure no action was taken to stop more deranged killers from walking into elementary schools with military-style assault weapons loaded with 30-round clips of ammunition.”

See the Courageous Conservatives PAC 60 second spot

Maybe Ted Cruz doesn’t even know how to HOLD a gun?

2 thoughts on “Question for Ted Cruz: According to the Courageous Conservative PAC ad you are PROUD you stopped Pres. Obama’s push for gun control after the slaughter of children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School? (a 420 character, 9-liner)

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