The end of Daylight Saving Time means shorter days, but for this weekend at least, we get an entire extra hour.


In spring when maple buds are red,
We turn the clock an hour ahead;
Which means, each April that arrives,
We lose an hour out of our lives.
Who cares? When autumn birds in flocks
Fly southward, back we turn the clocks,
And so regain a lovely thing
That missing hour we lost in spring.
~ Phyllis McGinley

However you choose to spend it, don’t let those extra 60 minutes get away.


Spin some vinyl.


Stroll the park.


Relax with a glass of wine, a good book.

Sleep in, slow down.


Carl Honoré is the unofficial godfather of a cultural shift towards slowing down. He’s the international spokesman for the concept of leisure and the world’s leading evangelist for the Slow Movement.


When Carl first proposed the idea of a Slow Movement, there were zero entries on Google search. Now there are 1.5 million.

It’s the time where we should put our feet up, let the world wash by, look out, but also look in.


So, tell me, what are you going to with that one precious hour?

Toni 11/1/15


  1. Hmmm maybe I’ll smile at the vast sky above, spread a mattress on the terrace, snuggle under my warm blanket, read a random book and live the life of the character of the book, to live another life in that one precious hour that can teach me real values for the real world:)

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