Here’s my 120-word “set” piece inspired by this moon:

It’s called the Hunter’s Moon because it gave early Native Americans hunters lengthier light rising as it does at sunset and staying til sunrise. Moon-lit nights are good for more than hunting, or mayhap I’ll just expand the meaning of hunting, such as perhaps what if I needed more time in the day to figure something out? Cook the apples into sauce? Raise the bread? Revise Isabel Scheherazade?Finish the last Mary Stewart. Call the West Coast kids and/or a Barred Owl?  Clip the wild trumpet vines? Practice the tricky, fast part of Faure’s Elegy? Stretch my Psoas? Polish the silver? (What silver?) Seek peace? Discover a cure? Or, just, you know. I imagine Native Peoples were so inclined also.


One thought on “The Hunter’s Moon of October, so called by Native Americans because it’s all night light helped them see longer and better to hunt.

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