Witchhunts scare me:

My ancestor, John Proctor hung because of one.

Supposed communists dangled because of another via Sen. McCarthy.

And now a new set of Senators have set mischief afoot

in the form of 11-hour hearings intent on lowering the poll numbers of Hillary.

Really? 11 hours?

A pre-Halloween festival as dark as night in 1692

a frontier mentality that fears terroristsguncontrolbiggovernment.



2 thoughts on “WITCHCRAFT. SALEM. STACY SHIFF. MY ANCESTORS. And those pesky Senate hearings.

  1. You have this one right, that’s for sure. What a sad state of affairs. Human beings are flawed, but politics seems to magnify the faults. Is ignorance bliss???? Keep the observations coming!! M.


    1. Mary,
      It’s the flaws that make us human and inhuman at the same time.
      BYW it’s been “fun” to listen to all the talk and reviews of the new book on Salem’s Witchcraft Persecution. As a descendent of one of the accused and murdered it always bemused me that NEVER did the state of Massachusetts say they were wrong. In the 20’s my grandparents I understand received a “pardon” for John Proctor. They refused to discuss it. I think I’ve read that there was a recent action that may have admitted a mistake was made. (I remember shivering while standing in front of the instruments of torture used to elicit admission of guilt.)


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