Park Avenue Baby, 1949
Toni baby carriage


BTW, that’s Park Avenue in Small Town, USA.  A quantum catapult away from that other Park Avenue.



This is my (vintage) Mennen Baby Powder Rattle Toy Tin.

I’m a rattle!




Babies on every avenue loved this spuzzed-up container/toy.  Made in the USA ~ Newark, to be exact.

Mine measures about  5 1/2″ x 2″  and is, predictably, empty.





The ‘gay rattle’ is in the tan plastic piece around the top of the tin.  It’s in great shape for its age.  I like to think I am, too.

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Toni 9/10/15



Hung Out to dry but not to die, surely not: I stand at the clothesline with a Carolina Wren scolding in my ear while defending next year’s nest spot in the Trumpet Vine trellis, and I think of what’s happening in the Hungary train station. (a 420 character 9-line poem)



Persons, not migrants or refugees.

PEOPLE washed up on beaches;

stranded in train stations, deserts, roads, checkpoints.


Would that they were whales I bet the world would rivet.

But consider the dead 3-year-old Syrian boy from Kobane limp on a Turkish beach.

Because we know his name–Aylan Kurdi–the pictures of his lifeless body have gone viral

igniting at last a real conversation.

It took a name. Persons.



BBC has collected pictures that show that those of us that “have” are a razor wire away from those that don’t. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34137358