I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately ~ maybe it’s all this back-to-school business or something.

Here’s a throwback photo of sweet baby James and Furiends, decades before cute cats ruled the Internet.


Scan 58

So, about those cats. I read a hypothesis that posits a link between them and human babies that might solve the mystery of their Internet stardom. According to Michael Newall, a philosopher of art at the University of Kent, our exaggeratedly intense interest in cats may derive from their resemblance to our kids. He suggests that their big eyes, smallish noses, and dome-shaped heads trigger the evolutionary nurturing instincts that we have toward toddlers.


There’s also a new study that shows the time you spend watching cat videos can actually be good for your health.

Purrfect. Go ahead and click. Procatstination is healthy.


Toni 9/3/15

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