I was a well-fed baby.

Scan 50Nothing but the best for me.  Like this spendy-trendy dish made by Toy Industry Inc, NY.  Hmm, a dish that’s a toy?

Inside the plastic rim, checker-size wooden discs roll and clatter. Cup-runneth-overish amusement for me. Mom, not so much.

To have fun, I needed to tip the toy/dish. Sideways. And upside-down.

Enter the all-purpose bib from the Baby Safety League. One hot seller.

The Keep Kleen bib claimed it would keep me, star of stage and scream, cleaner than all the other bibs combined. A salvo of style, even Mom could wear it.


What mother could resist this persuasive advertising? IMG_4348

A fire resistant bib made of plastic in 1949? Really?

Get one here.  Put it to the test.


Toni 8/13/15


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