Story wrangler and editor Cheri Lucas Rowlands says show the world beneath your feet.

Hiking across Sicily is a literally-off-the-beaten-path trek through both a mesmerizing landscape and a turbulent history.

The Villa del Tellaro near Noto was a country residence during the late Roman Empire, in the middle of the 4th century AD.  The ruins of the villa were hidden beneath an 18th century farmhouse.  Thanks to illegal excavations in 1971 and a l-o-n-g restoration stalled by Sicilian bureaucracy, the villa opened to the public in 2008.

I saw sections of the original floor mosaics ~ floral and geometric patterns, panels illustrating the ransoming of Hector, and lavish hunting scenes.

CIMG4428 (2)CIMG4431CIMG4432CIMG4430


Recent excavations near the main farmhouse/villa have unearthed water cisterns and medieval tombs.

Who knows what else lies beneath Sicilian feet?

Toni 8/11/15


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