FOX NEWS’ Republican non-debate didn’t mesmerize me, but, as Shakespeare says: “he’ll be to Rome as is the Osprey to the fish, who takes it by sovereignty of nature,”* the Osprey/Sea Hawk** and William do, mesmerize that it is. (a 420 character 9-liner)

* Act IV of Coriolanus

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The 420:

Magical Powers.

Shakespeare alluded to those of the Osprey

(fish were mesmerized & so gave themselves up upon looking in their eyes);

also called Sea Hawks,

think: Taima the Seattle NON-Sea Hawk; or better still?

Think: William ( Seattle Sea Hawk fan).

I’m mesmerized by him as he sails ’round in his cape

& moves his lego men & vehicles through the ether

‘midst his complicated, epic narrative.


7 thoughts on “FOX NEWS’ Republican non-debate didn’t mesmerize me, but as Shakespeare says “he’ll be to Rome as is the Osprey to the fish, who takes it by sovereignty of nature,”* It’s the Osprey/Sea Hawk** and William that rivet my attention–sorry Donald. (a 420 character 9-liner)

      1. My (much more tech-savvy and culturally astute) daughter sent me the link. We both lost it over Pataki’s entry, given that we are survivors of 12-years of his governorship. I’m so glad you and your listeners enjoyed it. Shakespeare was prescient about a lot of things!


  1. A note from Patty. Joanne at McSweeney’s sent me a great link to what else Shakespeare says about the Republican Presidential candidates. It reminded me that alas alack! I’d forgotten about McSweeney’s. So.

    Here’s a link to McSweeney’s Facebook.

    And this letter as to what their transition to a non-profit that also gives background on what they’ve been up to. (hint: it’s all fabulous)



    – – – –
    [October 15, 2014.]

    – – –
    Hello Readers,

    We have very good news. Starting today, McSweeney’s Publishing will begin transitioning to a nonprofit.

    For the last fifteen years, McSweeney’s has dedicated itself to publishing outstanding new writing in a wild variety of forms, and we’ll continue to do just that. The Quarterly Concern will still feature the groundbreaking short stories and eye-gratifying design that have won it two National Magazine Awards; the Believer will still publish great essays and interviews and special issues. Our books, we hope, will remain worthy of cherished placement on your shelves.

    So why change now? We believe that becoming a nonprofit will allow McSweeney’s to sustain itself for many years to come, with the help of an expanded community of donors, writers, and readers. We want to continue to pursue a wide range of ambitious projects—projects that take risks, that support ideas beyond the mainstream marketplace, and that nurture emerging work. A nonprofit structure, with a board and members supporting our efforts alongside our staff and writers, will allow us to put new resources behind all our undertakings, and explore a number of exciting projects that, until now, were out of reach.

    How can you help? There’s no way around it—this is a big transition for us. There has never been a time when your support mattered more to the future of McSweeney’s.

    Starting today, you can contribute to McSweeney’s as a member. Better yet, most donations are partially tax deductible. We’re starting out as a fiscally sponsored project of a great San Francisco nonprofit incubator called SOMArts; next year, we’ll apply to be our own 501( c )(3).

    Here are a few ways to support our work:

    Visit our donations page, and become a member. Every dollar matters, whether it’s a one-time gift of $25 or something that would keep our lights on far longer. If you’re considering a year-end gift or simply want to stand behind our efforts, we hope you’ll take the time to sign up.
    Do your holiday shopping, or non-holiday shopping, at Today and tomorrow, we’re discounting all our books.
    Subscribe to our Quarterly, the Believer, the Book Release Club, or the Poetry Series.
    Buy our books and magazines at your local independent bookseller. This helps us and helps them. Or come to one of our pop-up shops here in San Francisco, at 849 Valencia Street.
    Spread the word. Share this message on Facebook, Twitter, or a tree in the park to let your friends and family know that they can now make a donation to support a fledgling literary nonprofit with a sixteen-year history of championing new writing.
    We have some incredible books coming out in the months ahead—new poetry, new nonfiction from Cory Doctorow, new fiction from Alejandro Zambra and Miriam Toews and Michelle Tea. Your donations will allow us to push our projects still further—to invest in in-depth, on-the-ground reporting in the Believer and ambitious new forms for the quarterly, to expand our commitment to works in translation, and to take on the dream projects we’ve been waiting years to pursue. (More information about a few of our upcoming endeavors can be found here.)

    To all those who have supported us in the past, we thank you and hope you’ll continue supporting independent publishing. To newcomers, we invite you to jump in and make more great books and periodicals possible.

    We’re profoundly grateful for your help.

    — All of us at McSweeney’s Publishing

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    1. Just a clarification. I am not affiliated with McSweeney’s, although I wish I were! Maybe if my poetry gets advanced enough they will publish something of mine someday. Everyone deserves to dream….


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