I’ve always–well, the last few, post-Bush years that is–thought of John Kerry as our country’s unofficial Envoy. He yields a gravitas on the diplomatic stage that shouldn’t be denigrated.(e.g. convinced Karzai to runoff elections; quell Pakistani anger post Bin Laden kill, etc.) I was surprised to have him come to mind as I watched the Common Loons dive, but the brain is a great connector.

The 420 Character 9-liner:

Take a lesson from John Kerry & the Common Loon, Republicans;

a diplomat w/ gravitas–a heavy-weight on the diplomatic stage,

Kerry’s delved deep & wise for decades.

He’s like the Common Loon who at dives to 20 feet–

with its solid bones & higher levels of dissolved blood O2–

to grab prey w/ its sword-like serrated bill.

JK was submerged by Republican railings

but came up with force, admonishing:

YOU take a lesson.


Unraveling the mysteries of the Common Loon:

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