THE ENVOY: “John Kerry to House GOP: ‘I don’t need any lessons from you’ ‘I’ve represented and fought for our country since I was out of college,’ Kerry says in testy exchange with House members.” Read more:; Gravitas: Not to be taken lightly be ye a Common Loon or critics of John Kerry


I’ve always–well, the last few, post-Bush years that is–thought of John Kerry as our country’s unofficial Envoy. He yields a gravitas on the diplomatic stage that shouldn’t be denigrated.(e.g. convinced Karzai to runoff elections; quell Pakistani anger post Bin Laden kill, etc.) I was surprised to have him come to mind as I watched the Common Loons dive, but the brain is a great connector.

The 420 Character 9-liner:

Take a lesson from John Kerry & the Common Loon, Republicans;

a diplomat w/ gravitas–a heavy-weight on the diplomatic stage,

Kerry’s delved deep & wise for decades.

He’s like the Common Loon who at dives to 20 feet–

with its solid bones & higher levels of dissolved blood O2–

to grab prey w/ its sword-like serrated bill.

JK was submerged by Republican railings

but came up with force, admonishing:

YOU take a lesson.


Unraveling the mysteries of the Common Loon:

Blue Moon tonight!! Don’t miss it!! The man I live with is singing the songs in his “Moon” series, developed when we happened upon a meteor shower one summer night in Provincetown and lay on the beach with the kids singing such as the meteors did their thing. We’d gone there to watch the sun set in the west and moon rise in the east.

This is Bill Monroe performing Blue Moon of Kentucky (1946) which he wrote and performed as a Blue Grass piece. When asked what he thought about Elvis’s rendition, he paused, scratched his chin (I’m fashioning the text here, readers) and said “them’s checks is powerful.”  Love that mandolin.

And I love what Elvis did with Blue Moon of Kentucky; here he’s singing it at the Louisiana Hayride, the radio station that competed with The Grand Ole Opry back in the day, 1954.

And I can’t leave out Nanci Griffith’s Once in a Very Blue Moon because we sat in the front row at Roaring Brook Nature Center Coffee House and chuckled while she explained what a blue moon was. She looked pretty much as she does here in the youTube.