Surely not, John McPhee.

The tremolo yodel twixt Common Loon mates is NOT a laugh of the insane.

I listened from the edge of a secluded pond–Private! No Trespassing!

But CLs don’t read, just emit ethereal enunciations,

like the back & forth between Lydia, Chloe, Luke, William, Claire, Hannah

& the elders as they ply the waters of Long Pond.

Call & connect.

It makes me laugh & reminds me to love. Insane?

Surely not.




2 thoughts on “Yodel. Tremolo. Back and Forth. Stay Connected. Ply the waters as a group. Stay in touch. Not so crazy an idea. (a 420 character 9-liner by Patty accompanied by a Nani sketch)

  1. This is similar to what I was hearing even before Ray, Ronnie and I could get out of the car. We saw one of the loons landing and one taking off–he or she required a long “runway” to get airborne; I’ve got more to say about the solid bones of the Common Loon and John Kerry…)


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