Birds I wish I could see so I’m going to P-town where I’ll crane my neck and peer through my binoculars and hope to see to the southern tip of the Stellwagen Bank. (Hey, you know the song if it’s clear day you can see forever. (Or is this something I say?)


I peer & squint on this P-Town beach

I might see seabirds! Cory’s Great, & Sooty Shearwaters;

Wilson’s Storm Petrels, a Humpback or Minke, maybe an Albatross.

Although it’s doubtful I’ll spy such since they careen ’round Stellwagen Bank’s southern end.

But, if Bibi, the war-mongering Republicans, & hard-liners in Iran,

can spot EVIL in the Iranian deal

I MIGHT be able to spy something GOOD in the marine mists.