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It’s a sad day when the best that can be said of a species is that

while it’s dull, drab, stout-billed, & thick-legged,

it has bright color on the vent

(yes, that means what you think it means)


The Warbling Vireo’s rich, rolling series of whistles is like a carol.

(one transcription: “if I could see it I would seize it & squeeze it til it squirts.”)

So when I hear its concerto by the river

it is NOT a sad day.


Unlike Antonin Scalia’s Obamacare dissent full of colorful lines like “interpretive jiggery-pokery” (an 1800’s rhythmic English phrase meaning deceitful or dishonest behavior) also “pure applesauce” and “SCOTUScare;” the Warbling Vireo is NOT colorful, er, except for that one unmentionable part. But, also unlike Justice Scalia’s dissent, his song is world class.( a 420 character 9-liner)

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