Wood Thrush

Anxiety was my 1st reaction to Game of Thrones,

but I thought the final “score” would ring like my Wood Thrush

whose ethereal harmony comes from his syrinx


a 2-pipe voice box that allows for 2 simultaneous notes.

But when I played that GofT intro w/ my cello group

w/ all its multiple, simultaneous melodies & measure counts,

my gut sensed that the finale would ditch the harmony

& leave the anxiety.


Game of Thrones Cello Cover – Break of Reality

More info on this fabulous cello group can be found at their website: http://breakofreality.com

3 thoughts on “Finale of Game of Thrones (killing John Snow etc.), the Wood Thrush, and my cello group: exquisite harmony or the lack thereof? (a 420 character, 9-line poem)

  1. Love this! Yes, I know all about the anxiety of Jon Snow’s death. Actually the last three episodes just left me reeling. Wonderful video clip, is that the group you play with?


    1. This is not my cello group; I’ll find pictures of us for you, but, in the meanwhile, I went back to the youTube gather this info about the break of reality group:

      Filmed at Kolo Klub in Hoboken, NJ. Produced by Break of Reality. Set stylist and direction: Heather Sanders (Tutu and Betz). Cellists: Patrick Laird, Laura Metcalf and Brook Speltz. Percussionist: Ivan Trevino.

      I’m learning more about them at this address: http://breakofreality.com/band/ AND keeping track of their performance schedule so as to catch them when they come near. They’re terrific!

      On the last three episode issue: Here’s a link to Colin Mcenroe’s discussion the morning after. He has a great talk show on WNPR that I either listen to or podcast. The title of the 17 minute segment on Game of Thrones and its finale is entitled “The Scramble Will RSVP “No” To Any Westeros Wedding.”

      Meanwhile? I scan the sky for dragons in addition to birds. (Just in case)



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