Hard to tell them apart both the birds and the boys: a 420 character 9-liner

IMG_8333 (1)

Moving away from home helped my sons help me ID them properly.

When they were little guys I’d mix them up;

it’s the same with me & the Veery-Hermit & Wood Thrush.

“Red head is a Wood Thrush, Red tail is a Hermit Thrush, and all red is a Veery.”

But what’s warm brown vs duller brown

& what’s indistinct vs bold spotting?

I see HT do that demure tail-lift

& note that WT is plumper than V.

Perhaps they need to move away?



ID Veery 1c ACK_2879

(picture taken by ace photographer, Alex Kearney)

Veeries are one of the more easily recognized thrushes because of their uniformly warm brown upperparts, indistinct spotting, and fairly plain faces with very little eyering.

Wood Thrush:

The Wood Thrush is bigger and plumper than a Veery, with much bolder spotting on the chest and belly.

Wood Thrush 1c ACK_0474 Wood Thrush 1c ACK_0503 Wood Thrush 1mail ACK_2765

(pictures by ace photographer, Alex Kearney)

Hermit Thrush

Hermit Thrushes have a warm brown tail that contrasts with a duller brown back. They also habitually perform a frequent tail-lift, quickly raising the tail and slowly lowering it; no other Catharus thrush does this.

Hermit Thrush

IMG_7545drawn by me