Jeb recasts yet again which I juxtapose with my dazzlement at the mix of bright yellow, smart charcoal gray and black, and bold white flitting here and there, drunk on the now-abundant flying bugs. Butter Butts (sort of the slang for its Latin name) are survivors: they’ll eat the waxed myrtle fruits no one else will eat, the odd bug on the dried seaweed, the snagged one on the spider web. Even invade another country like Jeb says he might have? To survive. Take a life lesson mayhap? (420 character, 9-liner):


I am not crusty/grumpy, but I AM crusty as in:

I eat the crusts of kids’ peanut butter sandwiches;

I’m like the Yellow Rumped Warbler;

the only warbler able to digest the waxes found in bayberries & wax myrtles,

which in turn allows it to winter further north than other warblers

& is, therefore, one of the earliest of warblers to return in the Spring,

sometimes even while the snow lies under our feet



Photos from Alex Kearney, photographer. (Wow!) (Trust me: the rump is yellow)

Yellow-rumped Warbler 1c ACK_5498 Yellow-rumped Warbler 1c ACK_5501 Yellow-rumped Warbler 1c ACK_5504

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