Come and meet those dancing feet
On the avenue I’m takin’ you to
Forty-second Street
Hear the beat of dancing feet
It’s the song I love the melody of
Forty-second Street.Untitled

Traffic congestion hasn’t changed much but movies sure have.

I love vintage flicks like 42nd Street, with their short vignettes and the tap/ballet/Broadway types all dancing to the same beat.

Watch for these slaphappy bits~

– a policeman twirls his stick
– an apple vendor juggles his fruit
– a tall sandwich-board man shuffles along
– a large black doorman trucks
– a very round woman walks her dog
– a barber works on a customer while dancing
– two patrons strut out of the barber shop
– numerous midgets walk out on the sidewalk
– a nursemaid spanks a doll baby’s bottom in tune to the music
– two fruit vendors with a pushcart full of bananas hoist their golf bags on their shoulders to go play a game
– a newsboy holds a tabloid EXTRA in his arms
– a policeman allows the parading, dancing throng (and a man on horseback) to cross in front of automobiles
– two young street urchins tap-dance
– a cigar-store Indian chief comes to life
– a bystander doffs his hat outside the Enterprise Hotel building


It’s escapism made to order.  

the harsh reality?  the Depression breadlines.

“42nd Street” is, literally, the killer number.



 Toni 5/7/15

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