How to play it ask world leaders in their power plays, while on a smaller scale, I too ask the same question. Do it like Pablo Casals, Yo Yo Ma, Janos Starker, Jacqueline du Pre? Harmon Steiner teaches me Bach and his Unaccompanied Cello Suite NO 2 in D Major and I realize “unaccompanied” doesn’t mean simple as I struggle to play with power. (a 420 character 9-liner in my Cello Notes and Memoir series)

“How to play it, this regional power struggle of ours?”

ask the Iranians & the Saudis,

as they squint at flashpoints from Yemen to Syria,

rifts with Mid-East-rending potential.

On a smaller scale,

I struggle with Bach’s Unaccompanied Suite No. 2 in D Minor, the Prelude.

Every Monday Harmon teaches me the next thing I need to know.

I listen to YouTubes. Practice. I squint, but don’t rend; just roil on

how to play it.


IMG_7361IMG_8100 IMG_7359










* The YouTubes of famous cellists playing this piece are Very Different:

First Pablo Casals:

Next: Janos Starker:

AND Jacqueline du Pre!!

and, finally, Yo Yo Ma: