“Long ago, I coined the term “Churchillian Drift” to describe the process whereby the actual originator of a quotation is often elbowed to one side and replaced by someone more famous. So to Churchill or Napoleon would be ascribed what, actually, a lesser-known political figure had said. The process occurs in all fields.”

(This comes from Nigel’s article “Policing Word Abuse” is in Aug. 13, 2009 Forbes issue.

And a few of Winston Churchill’s greatest words that we KNOW he said because, well, it’s on YouTube!!

One thought on “I’ve discovered the originator of the term “Churchillian Drift.” It’s Nigel Rees. Also discovered the Double-Tongued Dictionary and Waywordradio on NPR

  1. In a way, my earlier post was an example of Churchillian Drift because I was attributing the phrase “Churchillian Drift” to Colin McEnroe who used it on his great WNPR show, and, since I was busy chopping carrots and avoiding my fingers I mis-listened and misattributed. It was fun sleuthing out the originator, Nigel Rees, and in the process I’ve discovered many great word sources. Of course Art Plotnik ( another mentor of mine (ours, really; Toni is a big Art fan too) in all things regarding words, which I’d venture would include All Things.
    PS I think I’ve exhausted this topic, dear readers, if you get my drift. (Sorry, Ronnie, I just can’t help punning.)


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