Inspired by one of our should-we-pave-(or tidy-up, or add something to the ruts in) the-driveway discussions I was reminded of my fascination with invisible structures (clever nests, ancient walkways of pebbles, permeable pavings) and said fascination juxtaposed itself (like a cat settling in for a cozy curl-up) with the idea of far-point pollution of Rock Brook by fertilizer, bacteria, and animal waste. (And then Horned Larks horned into the idea.) (a 420-character, 9-line poem)


(super son-in-law at end of driveway that’s oft discussed but never acted upon)

Moats of grass, clover-dirt, & pebbles surround my nest

& allow rainwater to percolate out its airborne & surface-collected sediments

while it seeps down to the ground water,

preventing polluting run-off downstream

like the “pavings” placed by female Horned Larks

besides their nests to cover the soil excavated from the nest cavity,

keeping the stuff of their home from blowing away,

and “others” from coming in?