Is the ink is mightier than the byte?

Like many people, I split my reading between paper and e-reader. I know that the words are what matter, not the medium.  At some point, everything will decompose in our ephemeral reading rooms.

In 2010, for an installation in a forested area at the Jardin de la Connaissance in Quebec, artist Rodney LaTourelle and landscape architect Thilo Folkerts collaborated to create Garden of Cognition, a temporary garden space using approximately 40,000 discarded books stacked to form walls, benches,and carpets. 


But, whether I read online or onshelf, in spite of the temporal nature of it all, the ideas remain eternal.

Toni 3/31/15


  1. Side note: Gail Jacobson of Cornwall, CT, creates art pieces from old books that she collects at tag sales and libraries. It comforts me to know that some old books live on in new forms.. By the way, I agree that the ideas are what really count!
    PS I always enjoy your posts!

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  2. I can’t vote in your poll because I rely on both e-reader and print books! I love the feel and smell, and ‘functionality’ of books, but I like the portability of my e-reader, along with the fact that I can carry an entire library around with me! How fortunate I am to have such a choice!


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