Warren Groen rips into 4th graders like a Red-tail Hawk doing what makes him a carnivore. But that doesn’t explain the wrong-headed remarks of this New Hampshire legislator. Some Civics lesson, but, hmmmm,maybe the kids need to see this example of how we’ve got to improve the quality of our law-makers. And, I hasten to add my apologies to any Red Tail Hawks soaring overhead. (BTW? Rep. Groen? That’s another vicious raptor on your State House. Better get a ladder and take her down. (a 420-character, 9-line poem)


Lesson learned by the kids proposing the Red-tail Hawk as NH’s state raptor:

Rep. Groen must remove the Bald Eagle from the NH capitol dome because,

being a raptor, it too rips it’s prey limb to limb

(& steals the prey of other raptors.)

Groen’s a hammer man who sees only nails, (or Planned Parenthood ploys.)

I mean

why else would he compare the eating habits of the Red Tail

to a late stage abortion.

Lesson learned?