Jeff Bridges and I can both fill a book about what I don’t know, but I actually have a book my teacher, Harmon Steiner, writes in that is helping me learn the very next thing I’m READY to learn so as to get a handle on this vast unknown. Stay tuned for notes from a cellist (mayhap it’ll be in one of my two current genres: the 420-character 9-liner or my 200 word set piece); and, meanwhile, listen to Jeff in this song from Crazy Heart:

6 thoughts on “#TBT (#Throwback Thursday) I can fill a book about what I don’t know* but my 1850’s era cello helps me hide this fact: the beginning of my notes from a cello student series; and did you know it’s #Throwback Thursday? Both the cello and the cellist in this picture are old, so I think this picture fits the criteria for #TBT

    1. The mood factor must be part of his calculus for just what he’s going to teach me because I laugh and chat my way happily through each lesson. So. To be specific. Harmon doesn’t have me do scales. He has Other Things that Substitute for scales in his kit bag for what to teach Patty, but no scales. I’m never in the mood for them.

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