My winter home, early 1900s



Toni 3/19/15

#TBT (#Throwback Thursday) I can fill a book about what I don’t know* but my 1850’s era cello helps me hide this fact: the beginning of my notes from a cello student series; and did you know it’s #Throwback Thursday? Both the cello and the cellist in this picture are old, so I think this picture fits the criteria for #TBT



Jeff Bridges and I can both fill a book about what I don’t know, but I actually have a book my teacher, Harmon Steiner, writes in that is helping me learn the very next thing I’m READY to learn so as to get a handle on this vast unknown. Stay tuned for notes from a cellist (mayhap it’ll be in one of my two current genres: the 420-character 9-liner or my 200 word set piece); and, meanwhile, listen to Jeff in this song from Crazy Heart: