Story wrangler and editor at Automattic, Cheri Lucas Rowlands, wants WP bloggers to consider the walls we’ve erected and decorated, the halls we walk down each day, or the exteriors we’ve ignored or neglected. 


The walls in my classroom filled up fast.

My solution? Move out into the hall.

What better place to let kids construct a timeline?

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Toni 3/18/15

with many thanks to my generous friend/teacher/neighbor Joan ♥ 


  1. I can attest to the power of Toni’s outside-the-classroom walls. I’ve watched “the big kids” walk ever so slowly up the stairs just so they could read the timeline or the poetry or the memoir or the set pieces on owls and such. Bravo to one of the best teachers there ever was. (She probably would have figured out how to finish that last sentence not with the word “was” also.)


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