IMG_7689She stands out in a crowd & moves the talk about the rigging,

like the Eurasian Wigeon, an occasional winter visitor

who swims midst the rigging where the ice-breaker plowed

(with her reddish head & buff-colored crown)

a dabbler who’ll migrate soon to Eurasia,

unlike Elizabeth Warren who fights for working families

& might be the only one speaking out about

how Big Banks & Special Interests rig the game.

A stand out.


Elizabeth teaching about rigging:

Eurasian Widgeon standing out:



2 thoughts on “EURASIAN WIDGEON AND ELIZABETH WARREN: Same initials, the juxtapositioning jarred me to see where it might lead. (a 420 character, 9-line poem by Patty)

  1. thanks, Patty for forwarding these short but helpful video clips. TSB is our small community bank that should get support. BOA is not small and so should not get special exemptions….
    Seems pretty logical to me!


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