Why do they fight

we asked the Bosnian refugee 3rd graders,

a few of the 169,000 that came in the 90’s;

shouldn’t they be friends since they share (or so we assumed) a common enemy?

Now I realize that one child’s family was prey to the ethnic cleansing of the other’s.

&, even now, like a bad splinter,

the truth of this works its way to the surface

as the US deports 150+ Bosnians accused of committing atrocities.







One thought on “ETHNIC CLEANSING: The Cowbird does it by flicking the eggs of the nest mother out and laying her own to be raised in their stead; Bosnians did it with mass executions in Srebrenica in 1995, still managing, however, to slip under the radar and emigrate to the US. There’s no repercussion for the Cowbird, but deportations are looming for the Bosnian refugees who failed to disclose their ethnic-cleansing past; and I gain a glimmer of understanding behind the fistfights that broke out amongst the Bosnian refugees at my elementary school. (A 420 character, 9-line poem)

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