general electric refrigerators

The refrigerators in my house were never discarded.

My parents believed in reduce, reuse, recycle. So the over-the-hill ice boxes were moved to the cellar and/or garage until they quit, then re-used (in today’s lingo,re-purposed) in creative ways.


Bright and beyond dazzling, LED lights illuminate my spacious, stylish, and sophisticated refrigerator. She’s a glamour girl. An ohmigodess.

I admit it, I’m an appliance snob. My audaciously cool LEDs flounce and sashay over shelves, strut and swagger into corners, and hurtle to the depths of the continental-shelf-size freezer. It is not my mother’s GE.

Ah, and the luxury of a roomy fridge…it inspires me to doodle.

refig 4

So. What’s in your ice box? Leave a link to a picture or drawing of yours.
Bring joy to the world, one fridge at a time.

Toni 2/12/15

7 thoughts on “DID SOMEONE SAY #TBT?

  1. Oh my goodness! One of my dearest friends has the niftiest stainless steel fridge with LED. It stores her recipes and tells her the weather and plays Pandora. Myself, being the opposite of an appliance snob, I laugh inside — but I’m happy for you both. Our home came with an old side-by-side, which we all hate. But I was fond of our last home’s fridge, and one day, when this one dies, I shall buy one like it. I do believe it was 24 cubic feet, just white, with an ice maker. No bells or whistles, as I see bells and whistles as things that break too soon.
    I did recently clean my wretched side-by-side, and I will say, the shelves slide out easily and wash up well 🙂


    1. Got this reply from a Happiness Engineer ~
      Images are not allowed in comments because people could insert absurdly large images that could, at the very least, severely slow down the site, and at the very most, virtually blow up the site (too big and destroys the layout).


    1. Have you seen the latest from the advisory council about what we should be eating? You might be surprised. What’s in your fridge might just be the ticket to a healthy life. They’ve done a turnaround on fats, cholesterol, and meats. Bring on the eggs, cheese, dairy, fats. Guess our diet has been too heavy in carbs. Surprise, without fat we are starving…hand me a Twinkie! Toni

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