general electric refrigerators

The refrigerators in my house were never discarded.

My parents believed in reduce, reuse, recycle. So the over-the-hill ice boxes were moved to the cellar and/or garage until they quit, then re-used (in today’s lingo,re-purposed) in creative ways.


Bright and beyond dazzling, LED lights illuminate my spacious, stylish, and sophisticated refrigerator. She’s a glamour girl. An ohmigodess.

I admit it, I’m an appliance snob. My audaciously cool LEDs flounce and sashay over shelves, strut and swagger into corners, and hurtle to the depths of the continental-shelf-size freezer. It is not my mother’s GE.

Ah, and the luxury of a roomy fridge…it inspires me to doodle.

refig 4

So. What’s in your ice box? Leave a link to a picture or drawing of yours.
Bring joy to the world, one fridge at a time.

Toni 2/12/15

#TBT Cello Notes/Memoir, as it were, Series: Song of the Birds, Peace, 1961 at the White House, Pablo Casals, Jackie Kennedy and her husband, and a little girl who’s just started playing a 3/4-sized cello under the direction of dear Mrs. Biernie (an hour lesson at my house for $1.25)

http://www.npr.org/v2/?i=385240526&m=385396507&t=audio Amit Peled is touring the playing Pablo Casals cello. 100 years ago the maestro played Song of the Birds at the Peabody.

Mr. Casals shaped classical music for not only for the world but also for me. I would purchase a 33 RPM album which contained Mr. Casals playing a song I was learning. I sat next to the HiFi and played a short section along with the record. Then I’d place the needle back to the beginning of that short section and play it again. Result? Scratchy record and a sort-of-learned piece. Sort of. In 1961, as a very young cellist (and devoted fan of Jackie Kennedy and her husband) I remember watching him play “Song of the Birds” at the White House–probably it was a Walter Cronkite news broadcast?


I’m 9 in the first picture, and, well, to be coy, I’m older than 9 in the second. (All of this fits into the category of #TBT!!)



While the shoes are better in the older pix, the cello in the second is way better than my original one. It has a story of its own. More to come in the “Cello Notes/Memoir, as it were” series. (A working title; ideas, people?)