Pre-420 note on the photographer:

This photograph is by Alexander Kearney who does amazing things with his camera. We’ve been on walks with him where none of us have gotten a really good bead on the bird; Alex is able to find it, take a bunch of pix, and voila, all of a sudden we see what’s hidden in the bracken. Every world needs an Alex to help us see. He says this about his work: “I’m trying to figure out a way to purchase a Nikon 600mm lens, so that I can further my perception of birds (and wildlife) from a more accurate image…The fascination and application that I possess, drives me to work with what I have…My persistence is based upon my enjoyment; if I am able to share and provide enjoyment to others, I feel good.”  Alexander G. Kearney (P.O.Box 193; Kent CT 06757)

Red Tail 1d _ACK7278

Simply being is me. I soar like the Red-tail,

the one I see hang

above the snow-crusted-corn-stalk stubbled-frozen-manure-spread field,

circling with broad, rounded wings.

Hunting? But, since RTs soar only when sated, perhaps she’s thinking:

let’s set my wings, catch a warm thermal draft, &

with nary a wing beat I can be at 3000′

to peer down for a big picture of where the food’s at for later;

or…I’ll simply be.


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