(Watch this YouTube of a Rough Legged Hawk hunting. Keep the sound off while you read the 200-worder, then play it again with the sound. This great bird had better luck hunting for her food than we did hunting for her!!) http://youtu.be/M5IzctrMCFA

The Rough legged Hawk “continues” says e-Bird. And so we trek to the Goshen Wildlife Management Area where Ray had spied it in a snow squall the day before. I have my fur-lined Patagonias and multiple layers and mufflers, but still I shiver and shake, and empathize with the poor RLH who has just her legs feathered all the way to her toes to keep her warm. We scan tree tops, fields, and telephone poles. I re-wind scarves and tug my hat over my ears. Later, after seeing NO RLH, we stumble into the dear, cozy Wood Creek Bar and Grill; me drooling over the prospect of The Cowboy (7 ounce burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, the house-made BBQ sauce, and onion rings to die for, or at least come in from birding for!). But I have trouble shedding the hard shell, insulation, wind, and wool base layers and soon am tangled in scarves and neck cowls, buttons and hooks. “I’d never make it as a stripper,” I mutter. At which point the bird group erupts into one of those therapeutic belly laughs that warm us up and bring the waiter with menus and great beer. Not so rough.



The Wood Creek Bar & Grill is located in beautiful Norfolk, Connecticut, at the corner of 3 Station Place and Route 44. In addition to being a lunch stop for us birders it’s also near the Infinity Music Hall, the Yale School of Music, the grand Norfolk Library, Haystack Mountain, Wood Creek Pond, and Dennis Hill State Park. The quality of the food on this vibrant menu is topnotch, local, fresh, and, well, just plain delicious







6 thoughts on “Birders Need Food Too! A 200-word set piece that juxtaposes the Rough Legged Hawk, the Wood Creek Bar and Grill, the birders I love, and a tiny story. Set Pieces capture a splash of time. The 200 word limit is my way of giving myself a bit of writing exercise.

  1. Sayra. It was so yummy. It’s practically my only–heck, Wednesdays are my ONLY real meat day of the week, except for the occasional salmon. But, you’re right, I never used to be a Cowboy Burger with extra onion rings sort of girl. 🙂


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