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We birders relish the usual and unusual in our birds, stories, and lunch.

The Story: “Uncle Steve had a rule. Only 3 sheets of toilet paper.”

The Lunch: White Horse Country Pub and Restaurant* along the Aspetuck in Marbledale. Cabernet, Clown Shoes White Ale, Camomile; heart-warming French Onion soup topped with a crisp crouton and a melted mound of Gruyere, Grilled-Three-Cheese with tomato on peasant bread; British and Sweet Potato fries; Reuben with lean corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss Cheese on grilled marble rye; a Hungry Monk–pulled pork burger blend with English Cheddar, coleslaw, red onion, and honey barbecue sauce on buttered brioche; sautéed breast of chicken simmered in Chardonnay with granny smith slices and a dollop of fresh herb aioli on a baguette;



devoured beneath a Rolling Stones guitar and a 1920 Indian motorcycle mounted behind the bar, in front of the fire, at a continuous-use-circa-1580 tavern table!


The Bird: A sleek, large Canvasback with a Bob Hope-like sloping profile, rusty red head, white body, black chest & rear, found diving midst the dabbling Mallards and Ringneck ducks on the last patch of open water on Lake Waramaug, far-flung from where it breeds in prairie potholes and winters on ocean bays.




The fridge magnet the waiter gave me gives the address as 258 New Milford Turnpike; New Preston, CT. 860-868-1496. (www.whitehorsecountrypub.com)


5 thoughts on ““We Birders Need Food Too” Entry #1 wherein I show that birders need food of all kinds. A 200 word Set Piece, a new genre made up by one of the women who write this blog. (Think: birds, people, food, words, and whatever else sustains and propels us.)

  1. Speaking for all females of this species (human, not bird) I can say with absolute certainty that this rule was ridiculous, septic system or no. 🙂 Hmmm. Just thought of something: were they using newspaper instead of toilet paper?


  2. Oh my, you featured my favorite pub in this post! My husband and I frequent the White Horse frequently for dinner and now, after looking at your lunch menu, I think I will need to make the trip for a noon day meal! My mouth is watering! 🙂


    1. And–at lunchtime–you’ll get the ancient tavern table in front of the fireplace all to yourself! I love sitting on the deck when it’s a mite warmer out too.
      (I wonder if I”ll ever order anything but the triple grilled cheese with bacon and sweet potatoes? 🙂 We troop into the pub after a morning of birding; I’m ravenous and determined to try something else, but I succumb to the TGC each time.)

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