Check out this snappydap ‘lace’ doily from my Mom’s kitchen.



I still have some vintage Roylies Doylies in their original box ~ lacy paper, 8″ around, with scalloped edges and flower design, made by the Royal Lace Paper Works in Brooklyn.


At 49 cents/pack, it was a cheaper but respectable alternative to crocheted linen doilies.




Life magazine ads appealed to mothers like mine.

No linens?  No laundry?  No kidding.


Paper doilies? Some may question their aesthetic value, but not this daughter. I guess I’m excessively sentimental (and rarely guilty of high style). A little bit kitsch, a little bit camp ~ they call to me.

Toni 1/8/14

4 thoughts on “DID SOMEONE SAY #TBT?

    1. The doily trick. I remember my two grandmothers using that one. Did you tell each other I asked? No they both said. Our mothers showed us. And, I can tell you, they both had very different mothers. Great Grandmother Low was a huge–and to me–very scary woman. She. Just. Sat. And told her daughters don’t get married, you won’t like what the men do. That was Grandma Raymond’s mother. She had 7 children and didn’t appear to take her mother’s advice. Grandma Alice’s (otherwise known as Esther until she hit Ellis Island) mother was Rebecca Mendelson Mochedlover. She had 12 children, helped to move the family from Warsaw to Switzerland to America, and helped run the paperboy factory. And didn’t, it appears, ever tell her children not to marry. But all of them knew the doily trick.

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