*German astronaut Alexander Gerst aboard the International Space Station in July posted photos of Israel and the Gaza Strip and rocket explosions overnight from space. The images from 248 miles away went viral.


Stunned senseless

was I when I saw that Gaza and Israel’s bombs

and not their borders are visible from the perspective of space

–strife & stark beauty–

shocked like the sailfin molly spied by a foraging pelican from 65 feet,

who tucks & twists to the left (to protect its trachea and esophagus),

& plunges, the impact paralyzing the little fish,

making it easier to scoop into his expandable pouch.

Stunned. Senseless.










4 thoughts on “My saddest photo yet says the astronaut* who took the picture; man’s violence toward his fellow man stuns me. I thought of this as I watched a Brown Pelican slam the surf so as to fill his pouch. Rockets. Boundaries. And Sailfin Mollies.

    1. Pictures taken from the various space vehicles should be hung at all the hotspots of the world to give the warring factions another perspective. For that matter, how about having said murals in the executive offices of the big energy CEOs?

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