2015 is not just about us at WWWW. It’s about All of You. You keep us energized, inspired, and motivated to write. We thank you. Fiercely. Vastly. Utterly.

f47dw0We also take our nourishment from a passel of poets ~ Ted Kooser, Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, Naomi Shihab Nye, William Carlos Williams, Maxine Kumin, Stanley Kunitz, Nikki Giovani, Donald Hall, Lucille Clifton, e e cummings, Maya Angelou, Billy Collins, Gwendolyn Brooks, and, of course, dearest Emily (see Patty’s last post)…. just to name a few.



Unlike others in the literary universe , poets seem to be nearly faceless beings. Do we know what these writers look like? They don’t make much money or walk on red carpets. If they get in a jam, TMZ doesn’t care. Yet, they quietly influence us.



W.S. Merwin, the 17th Poet Laureate, is one of those impactive scribblers.


Yes, he’s wise. But he’s on my Fave List because he’s tossed out punctuation. He says it ‘staples the poem to the page’. He wants the hearing of the poem to be like spoken language. Here’s a punctuation-free poem from his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Shadow of Sirius. Go ahead, read it aloud. And may 2015 bring you the gift of ordinary days. 


A Momentary Creed

I believe in the ordinary day
that is here at this moment and is me

I do not see it going its own way
but I never saw how it came to me

it extends beyond whatever I may
think I know and all that is real to me

it is the present that it bears away
where has it gone when it has gone from me

there is no place I know outside today
except for the unknown all around me

the only presence that appears to stay
everything that I call mine it lent me

even the way that I believe the day
for as long as it is here and is me

Toni 1/1/15


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