Like Erin McKean, I’d love to meet some of the pioneering women of the past ~ Sophie Germain, a mathematician at the time of the French Revolution, Trota of Salerno, who practiced medicine in the 13th century, or Maria Mitchell, the first American woman to discover a comet.


Actually, I’d really really like to meet Erin McKean.


“A good definition is like a good poem: beautiful and worthwhile in itself.”


In my book, Erin McKean is a lexistar. This innovative dictionary evangelist searches high and low — from books to blogs, newspapers to cocktail parties — for new words, new meanings for old words, or signs that old words have fallen out of use.


Word maven McKean launched Wordnik, an online dictionary dedicated to the very spine of our language. Wordnik houses all the traditionally accepted words and definitions, but also asks us (yes, you and me, and no one is looking down their pince-nez at us either) to contribute new words and new uses for old words. It’s an interactive word-lover’s paradise.












So, go ahead….make up new words.  Here’s how.

It’s the holidays, we’re all in overdrive, so grab an egg’n’grog,  and a holiday tune ~ now that’s what I call Happy Hour.  



I admit it, I’m such a Chaser*.  

* a stonking-huge fan of the male a cappella group, Straight No Chaser

Toni 12/28/14





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