Faces of you kids come to mind

when I spy the Carolina Wren spring thru scraps of forest

& vine-covered trellis,

living up to its Greek name-Thryothrorus-

meaning, leaping thru’ the reeds.

And, truly, CW’s long white eyebrow strip recalls your raised eyebrow looks,

almost as saucy as the long, uptilted-tail.

I wish more of you rummaged thru the tangled understory,

chasing and chuckling. But there’s always FaceTime.



You can see how the parents added shed-snakeskin and their own feathers to the lining of this nest.

And below this picture is a shot of the window box with its begonias gone and the domed-side entrance woven nest laid bare. The CW are still around though, rummaging.

IMG_6558 IMG_6560

2 thoughts on “Carolina Wrens and Family #2 Who’s crackling through the bracken now? Kids or Carolina Wrens (a 420 character 9-line poem, part of a series on the Carolina Wren and the Kids)

  1. Thanks, Patty…. Love your bird posts. I can’t resist checking out the video clips. I always learn something and that is good for the sometimes lazy synapses.


  2. You and I are grateful to the Carolina Wren. CW is SO recognizable. Heaven forfend if they suddenly plucked that white eyebrow. Ronnie, you know that raised eyebrow look of the kids: do you agree that the two species share something here?


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