I cup the Carolina Wren nest in my hand.

You kids and the wrens are similar.

You nest everywhere: hemlock & brush piles,

CA, propane tank cover, PDX, mailbox, MA, tangled Trumpet vines, NYC.

Cup-shaped, domed, w/ a side entrance &  “porch,”

CW’s nest is a loose weave of bark strips, pine needles, straw, shed snakeskin, lichen–

w/ feathers for the inner lining.


The homes you make are love-crafted, cozy cups.


One thought on “Carolina Wren and Kids #1: You’re all nesters of a loose-weave type (a 420 character 9-line poem)

  1. The top picture is of the Carolina Wren nest (their second nest of the season) in our begonia-loaded window box. It was just tucked in there, out of the rain, almost hidden. Ronnie had been watering the flowers and discovered it when an irate CW mom flew out.
    The nest I was holding came from nest #1 which was under the propane tank cover. I called Bantam Fuel and asked them not to deliver gas until the breeding season was over. They understood. I think.


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