Centennial Hall, on the eleventh floor of G. Fox and Company, was the genuine article ~ a  Santa Land with surreal decorations and an unspeakably majestic replica of Cinderella’s coach. Zillions of kids had Santa’s ear. So did I.


My friend Sue takes out her retro picture with the Megastar every year. Do you? Send it along, join the gallery of sweet patooties.

FullSizeRenderToni 12/11/14

I got my Saucy Walker doll….delivered to the door.

Scan 43

8 thoughts on “DID SOMEONE SAY #TBT?

    1. Look at Sue K, she’s in love. I remember being sickish that day but endorphining on the whole package ~ going to The City, meeting Santa, eating out, buying gifts, wearing my new coat with real fur, adorned with plastic bells and fake berries. Life was good.


  1. I recall taking my kids to see Santa at a local department store. Santa was an acquaintance of mine but I didn’t realize my friend was playing him. When I brought my kids to him he looked at me and said ” Hi, Phil.” The look of surprise and terror on the faces of my children was something I’ll always cherish.
    Geez – Dad knew the MAN.

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