SOMETHING ELSE TO GNAW ON ~ Tips on Eating, Studs Terkel, and The True Story of Thanksgiving

I love interviews. AndFR-CSRwire_2  09102004_terkelFrancesca Rheannon’s Q&As never disappoint. A life-long bibliophile, reading is Rheannon’s favorite thing to do and books are her preferred decor. 

An award-winning independent radio producer and host of The Writer’s Voice, Rheannon is also a freelance reporter for NPR and its affiliates. She’s finishing a book on Provence, Province of The Heart, and working on a memoir of her father, The Argonauts.


On her Thanksgiving Day special, she reaches back into the archives for three treats: a 2005 interview with the late great Studs Terkel talking about his last book, And They All Sang. Then food psychologist Brian Wansink gives tips on how not to overeat in an excerpt from a 2006 interview about his book, Mindless Eating. Finally, Native American storyteller and historian Marge Bruchac tells us the real story of Thanksgiving.

So whip up a leftover turkey sandwich and have a listen ~

The True Story of Thanksgiving – Plus, Tips on Eating & Studs Terkel.   thanksgiving-sandwich-small

Toni 11/29/14