WP data wrangler Xiao taught me about related posts. This week, he grabbed my attention with his photo challenge.

Iconic NYC, views without leaving my bed

IMG_0845 City streets crawl with cabs,

shimmering red tails lights,

flanked by skyscrapers ~


IMG_0843Get a room with this view here.
IMG_0842Toni 11/21/14

Golgis (it’s science, so this may take it out of the realm of the comprehensible for some Congressmen, but I’ll try) and Immigration enrich us, Congress. A 420 character 9-line poem about how to relieve tension & avert ripping our muscles and the fabric of our society.


you Republicans straining in angst at President Obama’s immigration fix.

Go to yoga.

Activate your Golgis, muscle-tendon juncture nerve receptors that,

when they sense tension, send a signal to the spinal cord

which then signals the stretching muscle to relax,

thus preventing the tendon from tearing at its attachment to the bone,

a protective circuit breaker.

It’s a metaphor for what the US needs. Relax.