I flew, drove, and hiked

for hours, days, and weeks

to indulge in caldo freddo.




Yes, I’m hopelessly obsessed. Truth be told, I dream about caldo freddo.


Elevated to an art form, a triumph that seduces every palate, it’s the local specialty in Trapani.


The velvety dark-chocolate topping slowly melts through layers of sweet cream to the coffee and hazelnut gelato underneath. At the bottom of all this, in the underbelly of the bowl, is rum-soaked cake. The generous-sized dish is topped with chopped hazelnuts. And it gets better ~ it’s  available day and night.


A note: There is a smaller size, the caldo freddo da passeggio.


It’s the takeaway version. My personal experience says, forget that ‘less is more’ gibberish. This isn’t about makeup.  

I got some advice from a professional food photographer ~ take a bite, then take a picture.  Messy is beautiful.


Oh, if you’re wondering why Trapani is completely out of caldo freddo…that was me.

Toni 11/14/14

4 thoughts on “CALDO FREDDO ~ A LOVE STORY

  1. Toni, I hadn’t read the above piece when I went to cello group the other day. My fellow cellists told me that Caldo Freddo. WE WANT SOME!! Your and CF’s fame have spread even to #40 Main St. Torrington.
    PS COULD this be the chocolate dessert I’m seeking for my Thanksgiving feast? Am I up to concocting it?


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